My Story

I didn’t really make any big lifestyle changes immediately after finding out that I carry a mutated BRCA1 gene (giving me an 87% of developing breast cancer and a 65% chance of developing ovarian cancer at some point in my life, compared to the respective 12% and 1% risk of the general population). I continued smoking, and I didn’t change my diet or beauty habits, because I didn’t consider the latter two could be doing me any harm. One year on and things are starting to change quickly and drastically…

Recently, I started to read more and more about the dangers of pesticides and other carcinogens and dangerous elements in food. Now, aside from the occasional visit to restaurants, I’m buying exclusively organic and avoiding MSG, how ever companies may be trying to disguise it these days. I’ve quit smoking and am making big changes to keep myself as safe, happy and healthy as possible in preparation for my double mastectomy when I turn 30 and oopherectomy somewhere between 35 and 40.

Then one day I was applying moisturiser, and thought about what was in it, and what made it smell the way it did. I did my homework and realised that much of what we put on our skin, goes straight into our bloodstreams (think birth-control & nicotine patches), so of course, it’s just as important to pay attention to cosmetics as it is to food. I began looking up each ingredient on each product (those that even stated it – some don’t) and I was pretty horrified. I found parabens and other chemicals, artificial fragrances which can damage fertility among other things. Take a look at the app, “Think Dirty”, to see what’s in your products, and what the ingredients could be doing to your body.

Everyone has 2 BRCA genes. They’re there to protect you against certain cancers by repairing cell damage. The thing is, one of mine doesn’t work properly, so putting chemicals in my body could be particularly detrimental to my health. A healthy and natural lifestyle is thus very important to me, but in my opinion, it should be important to everyone. When I realised how many dangerous substances I was rubbing into my body on a daily basis without even knowing, I decided to start making my own natural products. I started making shampoos, conditioners, body creams, face creams, soaps, makeup removers and so on. I felt great, but still annoyed that so many people are blind to the dirt that cosmetics companies are pumping into their bodies. And for what? One obvious reason – a lot of money. The more harmful chemicals a company puts in your cosmetics, the more cheapily, easily and ‘en masse’ they can produce them. The worst thing is, in a lot of instances, they don’t even have to tell you what’s in there, and even if they do, they can disguise hundreds of unknown dangerous chemicals under the label ‘fragrance’.

That’s why I decided to create Lily & moi. I want to educate others and give everyone the opportunity to use my natural products that I make lovingly by hand. If I can one day make a modest living from it, that’s great, but as you’ll see, EVERY ingredient in EVERY one of my products is listed below it… so there are no secrets in my recipes, you could make them yourself if you wanted to.


Here’s to an honest, safe, happy and healthy lifestyle…

More about my brca journey here

Et pour mes chèrs francophones…

En 2014 j’ai appris que je suis porteuse d’une mutation génétique qui veut dire que mes chances d’avoir un cancer du sein sont de 87%. Tout le monde a les deux gènes BRCA1 et BRCA2. Ils sont là pour vous protéger contre le cancer en repairant la détérioration cellulaire. Le problème c’est qu’un des miens ne marche pas. Dommage ! Pour réduire ces chances, je subirai une ablation des seins. Entre temps, je me suis mise à faire des recherches, et à remettre en question ma manière de vivre. J’ai changé mon alimentation pour éviter les pesticides, et favoriser les produits frais et sains.

Quand je me suis rendue compte qu’on trouve plein d’éléments nocifs dans énormément de cosmétiques de grandes marques, je me suis lancée dans la fabrication de mes propres produits de beauté naturels. Je commençais à rechercher chaque ingrédient qui se trouvait dans mes produits de beauté, et j’étais choquée. Il y avait des parabènes et pleins d’autres produits chimiques, comme ‘parfum’ (un nom qui cache plus de 2000 produits chimiques) qui peuvent réduire la fécondité, provoquer la détérioration cellulaire et être la cause des rougeurs. Ce qu’on met sur la peau rentre directement dans le système sanguin, (pensez aux patchs de nicotine et aux patchs contraceptifs) donc il est évidemment important d’être vigilant par rapport aux cosmétiques, ainsi qu’à la nourriture. C’est pour ça que j’ai décidé de créer Lily & moi. Tout ce qu’il y a sur est fabriqué avec des matières grasses naturelles et saines et est 100% transparent. Sur le site, vous allez voir TOUS les ingrédients qui sont dans tous les produits. Rien n’est caché.

Je vous conseille d’utiliser l’application ‘Think Dirty’ pour savoir ce qu’il y a dans vos produits et comment ils pourraient être en train de nuire à votre santé. Et si vous voulez, testez les produits Lily & moi !